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Welcome to Channelling for Life

Do you ever have flashes of inspiration?                                                          

Do you sometimes say things that are really wise and you don’t know how you knew them?

Do you sometimes feel that your head is full and that there is something that simply needs to be said or expressed?

Do you sometimes find when you are struggling with a problem and you manage to ‘let it go’ and detach yourself from it, maybe even ask for help from a greater source than yourself, that very soon an answer or a really helpful thought comes to your mind?


Hello. My name is Delcia McNeil and I am delighted to welcome you to Channelling for Life and all the information about Channelling that I am sharing with you here.  I am a trained energy healer, psychotherapist, and channel.  I am also an artist.  This site is dedicated to my Channelling work - information, exploration, publications, and workshop/courses.

I have been passionate and interested in expanded states of consciousness for around 30 years and have been involved with verbal and written channelling since the early 1990s.  I have always wanted to make this phenomenon more ‘earthy’, non-religious, socially acceptable, intellectually sound, and more available for those who wish to explore it in a safe and supportive environment.

I believe this work is worthy of serious consideration, research, and recognition as a leading edge resource for spiritual and personal development and healing.

I also believe that the nature of information and guidance that comes from a high level of consciousness is not only appropriate on a personal level but also globally.


I hope you enjoy your visit to this website and I welcome your comments on the guestbook page.